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Yes, There Is Life After Corporate Downsizing

life-after-corporate-downsizinglCorporate executives create new lives for themselves with franchise ownership after layoffs and business closures.

It’s not a pleasant position to be in, especially for a six-figure-generating corporate executive – unexpected layoffs and downsizing. According to ExecuNet (a networking group for outplaced Executives in the $100K+ salary bracket), corporate executives can expect to be in the same job for only 2.7 years, and with the same company for only 3.3 years.

That means mid-level and executive-level managers are looking for new jobs every couple of years. It’s an employment cycle that puts a lot of stress on finances and family.

But many former corporate executives are now choosing another option after facing numerous corporate layoffs and reorganizations: business ownership. 

FranNet Colorado in Denver works almost exclusively with downsized corporate executives. The franchise consulting firm conducts local seminars on entrepreneurship and franchise ownership for several career transition/outplacement agencies in the Denver metro Area. Stacy Swift, owner of FranNet Colorado explained, “I see many hard working people who come from demanding, high-stress careers. They suddenly find themselves out of work and not sure what to do. Sometimes it takes something like a layoff for them to move in a different direction.”

Swift advises many former executives who want to break the cycle of changing jobs every few years. Her firm helps many of them find new lives in business ownership, specifically franchise ownership. Swift says former corporate executives tend to be very good business owners for a variety of reasons:

  • They are good at planning and forecasting
  • They know what it takes to realistically run a business
  • They are used to taking calculated risks
  • They are interested in growing a business, not just running one
  • They are in a good financial position to make a change

In her own business, Swift has seen many people change their lives completely from the corporate lifestyle to the business ownership lifestyle. Some of FranNet Colorado’s clients include:

  • A Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for a national media firm. After years in corporate, he decided to purchase an internet marketing consulting franchise.
  • A Project Manager with IBM. With solid management and creativity skills, this individual invested in two different, but compatible service franchises that he can operate from one location. He will run the first prototype of a new out-of-the-box co-branded partnership between the two companies.
  • A Construction Manager with a real estate background. He’ll be signing with a children’s sports development franchise, focusing on youth character development.
  • An independent Business Consultant who wanted to focus his energy on helping people by investing in a senior care franchise.
  • A downsized Supply Chain Manager who partnered with his father to invest in several auto repair franchised stores in the metro area.
  • A former IT executive, who, after taking a year off after being downsized, purchased a small-business computer support franchise.

For more information about franchise opportunities and career transitions in Colorado, contact Stacy Swift of FranNet Colorado at 303-715-0397 or

FranNet Bio: FranNet is North America’s most respected leader in matching individuals with franchise ownership opportunities. Founded in 1987, FranNet has more than 100 experienced consultants across the United States, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom. FranNet uses a proprietary profiling and consultative process to determine a business model unique to each client’s goals, skill sets and interests, and has matched thousands of prospective business owners to rewarding small business franchise opportunities. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, FranNet has been recognized by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies in America for the last five years.

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