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Cyber and Data Protection Awareness Training

Cybersecurity Guidance For Small Businesses

Small businesses are under cyber and data-breach attacks. They happen every day, and for a small business they can be very costly and cripple business operations. To help provide small businesses with the education and resources to protect themselves, America's SBDC has developed a national cybersecurity program, called Secure Towns. Secure Towns leverages the America's SBDC cybersecurity North Star CMM brand.

What is

North Star CMM

The North Star CMM brand represents the overarching efforts of the America's SBDC network to mitigate cyber threats to small businesses.
North Star CMM is based on the Department of Defense Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) for awareness and direction. Its purpose is to create a structure around a complicated subject and support small business and SBDC cybersecurity efforts.

What is

Secure Towns?

Secure Towns improves small business resiliency by protecting core business functions and mitigating cybersecurity threats, through coordinated community efforts. Secure Towns is the program and vehicle that is used to deliver the North Star CMM content to both our small business communities and local SBDCs.

Education Pathways

Since cybersecurity is a new area for small businesses and the landscape is constantly changing, North Star CMM took that into consideration. It offers two education pathways, one designed specifically for small businesses and the other for SBDC networks.


For Small Businesses

North Star CMM for small businesses provides basic level cybersecurity training and awareness, with the following resources:



North Star CMM provides training and support to SBDC networks that offer cybersecurity content, with the following resources:

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In support of America's SBDC's efforts to provide resources and education for small businesses, we are partnering with companies that provide value to the small business community.


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