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5 Useful Data Security Tips for Small Businesses: How to Keep Your Remote Staff Secure

December 29, 2022

It’s no secret that cybersecurity should be a top priority for any business, big or small. But if your business has remote workers or if you have a small staff working from multiple locations, you may be wondering — why does my small business need to worry about data security?

More than half of all cyberattacks are committed against small to midsize businesses. And cyberattacks on remote workers rose 238% during the pandemic. Despite this, 47% do not have a cybersecurity defense plan in place. 

Arm your small business against all-too-common breaches by implementing the following security measures we’re listing below.

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Make your holiday shopping list, and check it twice… look for safe and secure ways to prevent scams while making online purchases.

December 16, 2022

By Jacob Blacksten 

With the holiday season in full swing, there is a lot on our plates, both literally and figuratively. You are likely buying presents online, making travel arrangements to see family and friends, and setting up the inevitable “smart” devices you will be giving or receiving as gifts. Being diligent and secure while online tends to fall to the wayside, especially when searching for the best deals or quickest instructions.

While your guard naturally drops during the holiday season, cybercrimes spike. Scams increasingly pop up all over. So, before buying that gift from a site you have never heard of with a payment method you have never used before, read through our tips below to ensure you are protecting your personal data. This will help keep the Grinch from stealing your Christmas (or identity) this holiday season.

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October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month and We’re Taking the Cyber out of Cyber Security

October 18, 2022

By Earl Gregorich, Co-Chair America’s SBDC Cybersecurity Task Force

Cybersecurity is a term we hear a lot these days. It brings a wide range of reactions, from fear to eye-rolls to curiosity. For small business owners and those who work in entrepreneurial circles, cybersecurity just seems expensive and too complex to tackle. But what if we removed “cyber” from the word for a moment and just thought of it as security? Security is a lot more approachable and while it still has a cost associated with it, there is a better understanding of why “security” costs are justified. So, let’s take a walk through a small business and consider how we might see a few things differently if we focused more on security and less on cyber when protecting the digital assets within the company.

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Email security tips for small businesses

June 23, 2020
By: Hiscox –

Google has reported that 18 million phishing emails related to COVID-19 were identified daily during just one week in April. Many of these emails look like they come from government agencies, such as the World Health Organization, and play on the fear many people are feeling during the pandemic. Although Google says that they have AI protections in place that block roughly 99.9% of these malicious emails, they have also partnered with WHO to implement a Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) system to make it even harder for these types of messages to get through to Google’s users.

So what does this mean for small business owners? Now is the time to take steps to ensure your internal communications are protected. That starts with email. Use these 5 tips to make sure that your company’s email communications are protected. Click To Tweet (more…)

COVID-19 and Cyber Security

March 20, 2020
By Troy Richardson, South-West Texas Border SBDC Network –

Coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19) is a respiratory illness that can spread from person to person. COVID-19 originated in China and has been declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization. As countries, states, and communities take preventive measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19, more businesses are allowing their employees to work remotely. It’s important to understand how this situation may affect your cyber security hygiene.


As with most significant global events, cyber criminals will leverage the event against potential targets to advance or achieve a malicious goal. This is most often carried out through phishing attacks. The cyber criminals send emails claiming to be from organizations that a recipient might expect to hear from, considering the current event. For example, with the COVID-19 disease, the emails may appear to come from a government health organization such as the CDC or other health care authorities. Users should be aware of this tactic and utilize good cyber security hygiene to include: (more…)