Building an Expanding Energy Business – #SBDC Client Showcase

February 8, 2019

Whites Energy Services, LLC (| @riggweld1)
Countdown to the 2019 Client Showcase: #5.

Whites Energy Services, OklahomaSBDC: Northwestern Oklahoma SBDC – High Plains Technology Center (
SBDC Advisor: Andra Smith.

Whites Energy Services, LLC began as White’s Welding in 2000, with one person — Calvin White. Calvin had big dreams for his small business, and through hard work and determination he has made amazing progress.

The company continued to expand products and services not only in Oklahoma but in Pennsylvania and Texas. Due to sales growth and varied product lines offered, three new companies were started to help keep up with the demand, which resulted in the need for the parent company. In 2012, Whites Energy Services, LLC, was created. This company is the umbrella under which the four companies operate, and it employs 250 people in three states.  (more…)

Running Errands the Dog Friendly Way – #SBDC Client Showcase

February 7, 2019

DogSpot (| @DogSpot)
Countdown to the 2019 Client Showcase: #6.

DogSpot - NYSBDC: Brooklyn SBDC – New York (
SBDC Advisor: Robert Piechota.

DogSpot makes high-tech, pay-per-use dog houses that sit on sidewalks outside of stores where dogs aren’t allowed. DogSpot has a national network of these safe and cozy sidewalk sanctuaries, aiming to give the 80 million U.S. dogs and their owners a way to spend more time together without needing to worry about logistics or safety. We’re also proud to offer a unique opportunity to the 57% of retail and food establishments that otherwise cannot accommodate customers who are running errands with their dogs.

“The Brooklyn SBDC team has supported us since day 1 – since we built the very first DogSpot dog house in a garage in Brooklyn. Their advocacy helped us win our first grant from the Brooklyn Public Library, which helped us launch the business. They continue to support us over two years later as we tackle complicated sidewalk regulations at home.” — Chelsea Brownridge, CEO, DogSpot


Heating Things Up in the Food and Tech Industries – #SBDC Client Showcase

February 6, 2019

Inductive Intelligence LLC ( | @InductiveIntel)
Countdown to the 2019 Client Showcase: #7.

Inductive Intelligence, Michigan

SBDC: Michigan SBDC – Grand Valley State University (
SBDC Advisor: Jason Piml and Dale Anderson.

At Inductive Intelligence, we’ve turned paper, plastic, glass, foil and metal packaging into IoT enabled cookware. Using highly controlled inductive power, our technology allows the consumer within minutes to heat foods, drinks, and household and personal care items in the package by simply placing the item on a coaster-size appliance that can also be used to wirelessly charge mobile devices.

No trip to the kitchen, no dirty dishes — just conveniently heat the things you want, when you want. The same technology can be applied for food delivery, ensuring food is delivered at a precise temperature every time.

“The SBDC has been enormously helpful in shaping our business plan and ensuring it communicates well to our investor audience. Having the SBDC provided a much needed alternative view to our work, and it was a view that was well informed, experienced and supportive. Ultimately their support enabled us to get our prototype into the laboratory store with Target, and we are progressing with them to get our product into retail stores more broadly.”

“Furthermore, one of our SBDC consultants has extensive experience in the food industry as a brand manager. Our consultants’ insights have been invaluable. While I have extensive marketing experience, their perspective has been helpful in understanding the perspective of very large food brand managers.” — Greg Clark, Co-Founder and CEO, Inductive Intelligence LLC


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Building an Innovation-Based Business – #SBDC Client Showcase

February 5, 2019

Jordan Research and Development, LLC ( | @theboatcase)
Countdown to the 2019 Client Showcase: #8.

Jordan Research and DevelopmentSBDC: Maryland SBDC Southern Region (St. Mary’s County) – Maryland (
SBDC Advisor: Wynne Briscoe.

Jordan Research and Development, LLC is an innovation-based company with a primary goal of creating solutions to the world’s biggest problems. These solutions are created in the form of new products, ideas and innovations.

The Airzooka is the company’s most successful product to date. The Airzooka is currently being marketed world-wide and has sold millions of units.

The company has also created a prosthetic finger called the Digitouch. This was created out of necessity, as the company president lost several digits on his left hand due to an accident.

The latest product is called the BoatCase. The BoatCase is a decorative book or display case for any home or business. The unique thing about the BoatCase is that it can easily transition into a life-saving boat in the event of a flood. The need for this product was recognized after Jordan R&D saw thousands of people stranded in flood waters after hurricanes — Katrina, Harvey, Irma, etc.  (more…)

Filling a Niche in Medical Practice Software – #SBDC Client Showcase

February 4, 2019

Nymbl Systems (
Nymbl Systems - KentuckyCountdown to the 2019 Client Showcase: #9.

SBDC: Bluegrass SBDC – Kentucky (
SBDC Advisor: Gordon Garrett.

What do you do after you graduate from college with a degree in biology and realize you don’t really have the passion to pursue a career in medicine? Start a software company of course!

Josh Lau graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in biology and the realization that he did not have the passion necessary for a career in medicine. He decided to take a year off and see what opportunities might arise. He told himself that if nothing big came up he would return to school for a graduate degree. Luckily something big did come up.

While working in IT, Josh was asked by a client to help him find some new software for his orthotics and prosthetics business. Josh searched for months for software to meet his client’s needs and found nothing to fit the exceptionally specialized field. His client’s need and his own background propelled Josh to find ways to meet the need himself. He spent the next six months talking with orthotics and prosthetics providers, checking into every type of software available and really getting a handle on the software needs of the field.  (more…)