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Web Design Trends for 2017

By Adam Wozney
Community Manager @ Wix

The first website launched in December of 1990. Remember 1990? Paula Abdul had a number one hit with “Opposites Attract,” the number one movie in America was “Home Alone,” and you may have owned a pair of parachute pants just like your idol MC Hammer. Over the last quarter century, styles and tastes have come and gone. Just like fashion and culture, web design trends constantly change. Keeping up with all of these trends can be difficult for a small business owner. But why even bother paying attention to web design trends? How does web design increase your bottom line? Well, you’re not still wearing parachute pants, are you?

At Wix, we would argue that web design is one of the most important factors of a business’s marketing strategy. Why? Designing an intuitive and engaging experience for your customers increases your customer lifetime value (CLTV). This is a prediction of the net profit attributed to the entire future relationship with a customer. At the end of the day, a happy customer will lead to more sales and leads.

Lucky for you, Wix has been in the web design business for over a decade. Founded in 2006, Wix has over 96 million users on its small business management platform. With so many businesses across the globe using our services, we constantly search the Internet for the latest web design trends, bringing that information to our users. We have compiled a list of trends that will have an impact on website design in 2017.

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Wix website– A website with a moving background – (more…)

eCommerce Trends to Watch in 2017

By Angeley Mullins

eCommerce trends - AmazonReady for your eCommerce business to start off 2017 with a bang? The online world is constantly changing, so now that you’ve staked a claim on the internet, you’ll need to do whatever you can to keep the momentum going. To ensure your business stays on track, here are some foreseeable trends you can use to your benefit in 2017.

Omni-channel sales

In addition to laptops and desktops, many consumers own mobile devices. A shopping experience at the home office could easily transition to a purchase later from a mobile device. Across the board, companies are taking their products to the streets so consumers can enjoy anything — from anywhere.

Take Amazon or Netflix, for example. The ability to watch videos on multiple devices is a huge plus for customers. Big fan of House of Cards? Take that show with you on your daily commute!

Ease of access always wins out in today’s day and age. The same can be said for online businesses. Your customers’ eCommerce experience needs to be fluid across multiple devices in order to accommodate the transient nature of their shopping tendencies. If you’re looking to get online, or you’re already active but need ways to expand, make sure your website is optimized for desktops and mobile devices alike.

Pro tip: Create a seamless customer experience by using an omni-channel sales approach.

Content is still king

You’ve probably heard it before, but good content is king. Content helps you define your business and attract new customers. When people search for your company or industry online, they want the facts — and they want them delivered in a way that makes sense.  (more…)

Preserving the Past – Building the Future in Colorado

Colorado SBDC SuccessSuccess Story: Colorado

Lynn Brittner started planning the Southern-Ute Cultural Center and Museum more than 10 years ago. The Center’s opening this past May was her reward for years of holding the vision.

Brittner’s relationship with the Southwest Colorado Small Business Development Center started way back at the beginning. She needed help and only had three staff. A grant from the Administration for Native Americans provided funds for her to take Board members to visit other successful and non-successful museums around the country, with an emphasis on tribal museums. They had a lot to learn about creating a world class structure inside and out in Ignacio.

The Southwest Colorado SBDC Director had students from a business class at Fort Lewis help with the research Brittner would need to write the business plan. “The SBDC has been a consistent support and on-going resource. They have introduced me to people who could help with various aspects of the project and found us grant money to update the strategic plan,” says Brittner.

Brittner was surprised at how many details have to be considered in creating a museum and exhibits. “We had to consider the exterior design, the interior design, signage, height of the educational plaques, size of the displays, as well as their user friendliness and degree of engagement.”  (more…)

Accelerating Business Growth in Idaho

Success Story: Idaho

Idaho RecognitionThe Idaho SBDC’s Business Accelerator in Nampa, Idaho recently celebrated the graduation of one of it’s residents: Idaho Recognition, a locally owned and operated business that markets recognition products and provides graduation and spirit needs and school rings throughout the Pacific Northwest.

The company has grown from two accounts to almost 50, with two full-time and five part-time employees. The growth in sales, along with the sale of its photography business, has allowed the company the opportunity to build its own office building.

Jake Lee, Idaho Recognition’s founder, started with the Idaho SBDC Business Accelerator in June of 2013. He had a vision to grow his business and needed a location to train employees as he was adding product lines and finding new markets.

Being housed at the accelerator, Jake received those resources as well as valuable advice and mentoring from in-house SBDC coaches that had real-life business experience. He also found a community in the other residents; calling on their expertise when needed.  (more…)

Selling a Car. There’s an App for That.

Success Story: Missouri

Josh Holstein, CellARideJosh Holstein, founder and CEO of CellARide in Springfield, Missouri, created CellARide based on a great idea, a degree in computer science and a diverse background that includes five years with the Springfield Police Department and in sales.

CellARide began six years ago when Holstein came across a vehicle with the age-old, all-too familiar for sale sign in a window. “Someone had written a novel on this car for sale, and I thought, ‘There has to be a better, more efficient way to get that information out there!’ ” he says.

Why not use text messaging? he thought. Texting has been almost universally embraced and everyone knows how to use it. Texting is also far more comfortable and convenient than dealing with unpredictable, perhaps unavailable used car owners. And — taking this concept one step further — texting the volumes of information inherent in every car purchase directly to the shopper allows them to skip a sometimes uncomfortable dealer experience.
CellARide for owners video

Holstein then met the founder of Columbia’s CARFAX, Ewin Barnett III, who immediately saw the product’s potential for automotive dealerships and joined Holstein as an advisor and investor.  (more…)