Book Value and Business Valuation

March 6, 2019

By Shawn Hyde, International Society of Business Appraisers (ISBA) –

Book Value and Business ValuationEvery so often I come across a valuation report where the value of a shareholder’s interest in the company has been based on the Book Value of the business. Book Value is likely used because it is easy. It is updated every time the financial statements are updated, so it is always current. But in this article, I want to explore Book Value in more detail.

Book Value is tracked on a balance sheet by an enterprise’s accountants. The current asset section is fairly easy. Cash is equal to the amount of cash owned by the business, and the Book Value of cash is always equal to its Fair Market Value.

Accounts receivable are listed at the amount of cash the company is owed for services or products rendered, usually less an estimated amount for uncollectible accounts. Most of the time this asset’s Book Value is at least close to Fair Market Value. (more…)

America’s #SBDC Showcases Clients in the Nation’s Capital

February 14, 2019

America’s Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs), SBDC leaders, advisors, clients, partners, and stakeholders gathered on Capitol Hill for the fifth annual Client Showcase and Reception on Tuesday, February 12. Representative Steve Chabot of Ohio, Ranking Member of the Committee on Small Business, addressed the reception guests. Several of his colleagues also visited the reception, in which America’s SBDC Network showcased 11 SBDC clients from across the country.

The SBDC clients were Butter Cloth (California), Atlantic Models, Inc. (Florida), Nymbl Systems (Kentucky), Jordan Research and Development, LLC (Maryland), Inductive Intelligence LLC (Michigan), DogSpot (New York), Whites Energy Services, LLC (Oklahoma), Extremiti3D (South Carolina), Port City Brewing Company (Virginia), FLEXHIBIT (Washington), and JesterLine (West Virginia).


Creating a High-End Gaming and Technology Center – #SBDC Client Showcase

February 12, 2019

JesterLine (@JesterLineGT)
Countdown to the 2019 Client Showcase: #1.

SBDC: West Virginia SBDC – Upshur County EDA Center (
JesterLine logoSBDC Advisor: Susannah Higgins.

JesterLine is West Virginia’s first high-end gaming technology and innovation center. It specializes in bringing the newest gaming technologies for all ages to the surrounding community, staying up-to-date with technology trends and advancements. It offers customers a safe, family-friendly environment where they can experience the best that modern gaming has to offer, including competition with other gamers, both locally and globally through its network platform.

JesterLine also gives its customers the opportunity to build necessary skills through computer-based training. It provides options for K-12 technology solutions and SMB services, with IT consultations, hardware and software solutions, and repairs.

“We’ve had the privilege of working with our SBDC business coach, Susannah Higgins, from the beginning of the business planning process. She has been a tremendous source of knowledge and encouragement, helping us to find funding, making sure we had a solid business plan, and answering any questions we’ve had as first-time business owners. She urged us to keep going whenever we encountered hurdles that seemed impossible to overcome, because she believed in our business model and would remind us of how far we had already come.

“While her services were free to us, she worked as if we were paying her to assist us. She was consistent, unwavering, and dedicated to bringing our vision to life. We wouldn’t be where we are right now without her assistance and persistence. We are thankful for Susannah and for the resources the SBDC provides for small business owners like us!” — Lacy Ramsey, Manager, JesterLine


The America’s SBDC Client Showcase and Reception will be held from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm on Tuesday, February 12, 2019, in the Rayburn House Office Building Cafeteria.

Invite your Representatives and Senators to the Client Showcase and Reception now!

For more information about America’s SBDC and to find an SBDC near you, go to

Expanding its Exhibit Market Internationally – #SBDC Client Showcase

February 11, 2019

Countdown to the 2019 Client Showcase: #2.

FLEXHIBITSBDC: Washington SBDC, Spokane (
SBDC Advisor: Vern Jenkins and Duane Fladland.

FLEXHIBIT is an exhibit manufacturing company that provides innovative, engaging, and high-quality STEM exhibits to Science Centers and Children’s Museums. With help from the Washington SBDC, FLEXHIBIT has successfully expanded its market internationally.

The company’s exhibits work with a portable, modular wall system called FlexWall, which allows customers to switch out inspiring STEM exhibits in a highly affordable manner, with quick turnaround times. Mounting on modular wall systems means you can rotate FLEXHIBIT exhibits – they can be swapped out in hours for new exhibits that can be arranged in a variety of patterns, which helps the science center or children’s museum stay relevant to its visitors.

FLEXHIBIT’s team includes fabricators, marketing consultants, scientists, and educators. With these skills and resources, FLEXHIBIT has the flexibility to custom-design its products to meet the educational and financial needs of its clients.  (more…)