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Write an Epic Site: Tell Your Story to Make Sales

Writing website content is something everyone can do, but a story is something your visitors and customers can connect with—and nobody can tell it better than you. Your customers are on your website for a reason, they want to know more about you.

Take your visitors on a journey by sharing values that were shaped through personal experiences—a struggle, breakthrough, or success story. Dig deep and show them the passion, dedication, and experience that make your business stand out from the rest.

Be a Storyteller

Everyone has a story, and every story has a beginning, middle and end – a journey from where you started and what you’ve been through, to where you are now.  Think about how your business got started or why you do what you do. By adding a personal touch to your website and by giving it a friendly vibe, your customers will feel welcome.

Start Writing

Finding motivation and getting started can be the hardest part. Grab and pen and paper and brainstorm ideas. Need inspiration? Ask your customers why they chose you over competitors or what drew them to you. Let their responses help mold your story so it’s relatable and real.

To avoid sounding cheesy or phony, speak from the heart! No one can tell your story but you, so talk about what matters most. Consider the questions below to help you get started:

– What is your company’s history?
– What do customers say about your services?
– What’s unique about your business?
– Why or how did you get started?
– Why do you stay in business and do what you do?
– What is your mission?

Publish Your Story

We’ve been talking about the importance of your website’s story, now it’s time for you to get it online! To seamlessly incorporate the content on your site, find some picturesor videos to go with it.

By telling your unique story on your small business website, you’ll be one step closer to creating a site that mirrors your narrative for success. Keep it up!

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Genevieve Tuenge is a Content Editor and Writer for GoDaddy, focused on website builder and marketing applications for small businesses. As an avid supporter of local mom-and-pop shops, her No. 1 goal is to give small businesses the tools and information they need to thrive online. Connect with Genevieve on Google+.

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