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Why Building Actual Relationships Is Essential In Marketing Your New Product

So you’ve spent a large amount of time and money creating and launching a great new product yet you’re still eagerly waiting to generate sales. You have high volumes of targeted traffic, plenty of fancy banner ads and you’ve done everything just right. Or have you?

How could it be that launching a high quality product that’s relevant to your audience, implementing a robust online marketing effort with heaps of hits, banners & text links posted all over the place -and still it’s only half the battle?

It might seem hard to believe after investing so much effort. This is not always the case in the world of online marketing and business but truth be told if you really want to seal the deal & sell your product, you may have to be more proactive and engage in actual conversations with potential new customers and clients. That means either talking on the phone, one-on- one emails or, dare I say it, in person.

But wait, you might ask- I have a forum and a chat area where people can post questions & comments about my new product, isn’t that enough? Sometimes yes, but responding to comments doesn’t guarantee a sale. You might have to take things to the next level. For example, you can email someone directly who has commented on your website and say something like:

“Dear ____, I see you’ve shown some interest in our new product and I’d like to take this opportunity to ask if there is anything at all I can do to help answer any questions you may have? I’d love to learn more about you and your specific needs in order to help determine how we can assist you better. If you’d like you can reply to this email or call me directly at (xxx)xxx-xxxx. If you’d prefer, you can even share your phone number and I will call you.”

Be as creative as you’d like when contacting potential new customers, but don’t bore them to death with long-winded emails, and emphsize that it’s all about helping them and their situation, whatever that may be. The less it sounds like you’re trying to push your product and sell something, the better. Think of new customers as real people and not just dollar signs. Make it personal about them and how what you have to offer can improve their situation. How closely you pay attention to each individual’s needs will be a big factor in how successful your product or brand becomes.

Even with technology’s countless advantages, many “old-fashioned” methods and practical approaches can still be most effective when it comes to marketing whether online or offline.

In business as in life in general, much of your success boils down to just how good you are at both forming and maintaining relationships.


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Ruth. E. Hedges is the creator and CEO of and Startups Across America. She has been featured in the New York Times, on ABC’s Home Show, and the Financial News Network did a two-part series on her for their show entitled ‘American Entrepreneur.’ For more information please visit

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