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Make Your Events Memorable, From Start to Finish

What was the best event you’ve ever been to? Was it a dinner party? A fundraiser? An industry conference? A sporting event? Think about the experience you had at that event. What made it so memorable? Why was it so unique?

Just like any event you attend in your personal life, the events you decide to host for your business or organization will be defined by the type of experience you offer to those who attend.

That experience will have a lot to do with the type of event you hold and the expectations your customers, members, and supporters have going into it, but it is that experience that they will remember the most.

Are you offering the type of experience your customers, members, and supporters will want to remember?

Create a memorable event, from start to finish

A memorable event experience doesn’t begin and end when people show up and leave your event.

The experience begins when someone first hears about the event and decides to visit your website, store, or office to learn more.

If you take the right steps to promote your event and get the right information in front of your target audience, you’ll be much more likely to get the right people to attend your event.

So you create flyers, send out invitations, post about the event on social media. People are excited and want to make sure they don’t miss the chance to attend your event!

Are you making it easy for them to do so? For a lot of small businesses and nonprofit organizations, the answer is no.

The importance of providing a memorable registration experience

If you’re still relying on “old-school” event registration methods, you could be missing a huge opportunity to make your event a memorable one from start to finish.

A recent survey from the Direct Marketing Association, which focused on the expectations of event attendees, found that 50% of people who receive event invitations want the capability to register online.

For businesses and organizations that are giving their target audience the opportunity to do so, this is a huge advantage. For those who are not, this could put the success of your event at risk.

Your registration experience should be an extension of your event experience

Using an online registration tool enables you to collect valuable information from event registrants without having to do any extra work or without it taking up any more of time. This makes it a lot easier for your attendees as well. They won’t have to worry about dropping off registration forms or have to call to sign up for your event at a particular time. Event registration will be available 24/7—whether you’re open or not.

With the right tools, you’ll not only be able to improve your registration experience, you’ll also be able to make that experience an extension of your event.By adding your logo, branding, and event information you can make your form easily recognizable and offer a consistent look and feel across all of your event material.

You’ll look more professional before, during, and after your event which can go a long way toward making your event experience one that attendees will remember.


Gina Watkins is a leading expert on e-marketing for small business – and has a real passion for helping businesses to succeed. Her ongoing series of dynamic lectures are filled with real-world examples, humor and results-driven wisdom garnered from more than two decades of sales, business development and marketing experience. In addition to owning her own business, she is an award-winning direct marketer, has been featured on WUSA Channel 9’s Mind Over Money show, Dr. Gayle Carson’s Women In Business radio show, Morgan State’s Briefcase Radio program, and in numerous other media. In her role as Constant Contact Regional Development Director, she’s presented to more than ten thousand seminar attendees about the keys to success with easy, affordable, highly effective technology tools that grow trusted business relationships.

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