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Inergy Solar – #SBDC Client Showcase

Inergy Solar (
Countdown to the 2020 Client Showcase: #10

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SBDC Advisor: Ann Swanson

Inergy TechnologiesInergy began as an idea shared by a few passionate individuals, but that passion soon turned into a brand leading the renewable power revolution. Unlike other clean-tech companies that take a “top-down” approach to renewable power generation via large-scale projects, Inergy aims to democratize solar power with its innovative portable solar consumer products.

“The Inergy management team has interacted with SBDC in several events and meetings. Once we finished the registration and company introduction, the SBDC jumped right in and started helping Inergy with its plans to expand the company and explore options to secure an affordable manufacturing facility. 

“The SBDC team connected us to various other local and regional organizations, including Southeast Idaho Council of Governments (SICOG), which we quickly engaged to pursue grant funding opportunities and sales opportunities. SBDC has been a great partner and guide to help Inergy identify and engage the right partners and resources to achieve its goals. We consider SDBC an extended member of the management team because of its strategic support.— Sean Luangrath, CEO, Inergy Technologies


The America’s SBDC Client Showcase and Reception will be held from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm on Tuesday, February 11, 2020, in the Rayburn House Office Building Cafeteria.

Invite your Representatives and Senators to the Client Showcase and Reception now!

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