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Health Food Company’s Distribution Channel Grows Beyond the Gym

Success Story: Idaho

Fit Wrapz, Idaho SBDC SuccessFounder Shige Toyoguchi started Fit Wrapz out of his kitchen, selling his products to personal training clients. With assistance developing a business plan at the Idaho SBDC in Boise, he decided to ‘go all in’ and moved into the SBDC-operated Boise Business Accelerator in 2012.

After raising over $1.3M of startup capital and with consultation from the SBDC, Fit Wrapz scaled its manufacturing out of the local food business incubator. Today, Fit Wrapz products are made in a world class USDA inspected, SQFIII facility.

Fit Wrapz provides convenient, delicious and healthy food, with a focus on “heat & eat” options for customers who lead active lifestyles. These nutritious products allow consumers to take the guess work out of what they eat.

Fit Wrapz has expanded distribution to grocery stores, hotels, coffee shops, natural food stores and university athletic departments across the country. Future plans include growing distribution through retail channels to reach critical mass, allowing the profits to fund product development and continued growth.

“I highly recommend utilizing [the SBDC’s] vast resources to grow your business,” says owner Shige Toyoguchi.

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