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Health Food Company’s Distribution Channel Grows Beyond the Gym

June 1, 2017
Success Story: Idaho

Fit Wrapz, Idaho SBDC SuccessFounder Shige Toyoguchi started Fit Wrapz out of his kitchen, selling his products to personal training clients. With assistance developing a business plan at the Idaho SBDC in Boise, he decided to ‘go all in’ and moved into the SBDC-operated Boise Business Accelerator in 2012.

After raising over $1.3M of startup capital and with consultation from the SBDC, Fit Wrapz scaled its manufacturing out of the local food business incubator. Today, Fit Wrapz products are made in a world class USDA inspected, SQFIII facility.

Fit Wrapz provides convenient, delicious and healthy food, with a focus on “heat & eat” options for customers who lead active lifestyles. These nutritious products allow consumers to take the guess work out of what they eat. (more…)