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Success Story: Vermont –

Vermont Success - DaValliaTwo amazingly talented artists (Jessie makes exquisite jewelry and Michael makes eclectic furniture), plus a passion for their fellow Vermont artists’ works, plus an incredible shared eye for all things beautiful: for Jessie and Michael Alon that means not just one gallery, but two. One can’t contain their creativity and dedication.

Nestled in the quintessential village of Chester, Vermont, the downtown gallery, DaVallia Art Boutique, features Jessie’s work combined with arts and crafts from fifty artists. And on the way out of town, Davallia 39 North Gallery focuses on fine art, furniture and accessories for your home.

“Our business is special because we truly love what we do. We elevate all aspects of our business to the level of art. We display differently, we think differently and we care. By being both artists and business owners, we have the ability to apply our creative skills into our business plan. If you leave our gallery with nothing but inspiration, we did our jobs.”

Jessie and Michael say working with VtSBDC has allowed them to: 1. create consistency and fluidity in their message to their customers; 2. know more about employee hiring and training; 3. stay focused on the important things; 4. craft a better elevator speech; and 5. perfect a budget.

Michael says, “We sought out VtSBDC because of our desire to keep our business in Vermont. Owning a small business in Vermont is extremely challenging. We had the connections in the art world, a passion for creating and an entrepreneurial spirit, but we lacked a business advisor who could help us with our shortcomings.

Debra [at VtSBDC] has been instrumental in helping our business grow. Her insightful evaluation, advice and encouragement have allowed us to keep our business in Chester, but more importantly, in Vermont. Without Debra’s help and recommendations, we would not be here today. It’s challenging to be a small business. Without the help of SBDC, many of us would not have made it.”

When asked to give three words to describe the process of working with VtSBDC, Jessie and Michael said: “Supportive, constructive and valuable.”

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