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A Long-Time Passion Becomes a Full-Time Job

Success Story: Idaho

Angie Stevens, Boise Music LessonsAngie Stevens worked full-time and taught music part-time for years. In 2015, she was ready to focus on music full-time and designed an innovative, membership-based studio, Boise Music Lessons (BML).

Angie contacted the Idaho SBDC where she and her partner, Marcus, worked to differentiate her position in the market; developing a unique value proposition and identifying ideal clients. With this assistance and her experience in music education, Angie was able to set her business apart in an industry with high competition.

The first milestone came when both Angie and Marcus were working full-time at Boise Music Lessons, more than a year ahead of schedule. BML’s second major milestone came when Angie hired an independent contractor to keep up with increasing student demand. This contractor teaches instruments Boise Music Lessons didn’t previously serve, at a studio in a new part of town, strategically extending their reach in this industry.

Angie credits the Idaho SBDC’s assistance with reaching these milestones and continues to receive consultation to determine how best to scale her business with the increasing demand. “I appreciate [my SBDC consultant’s] willingness to dream big with me while also giving me the healthy dose of reality I need to succeed,” said Angie.

To learn more about Boise Music Lessons, click here. To learn more about the Idaho SBDC, click here.

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