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5 Ways To Increase Your Productivity

From the Google Small Business Community

As a small business owner, you juggle a lot of daily tasks. Making a concrete plan to achieve them can help you stay productive throughout the day. In addition to starting your day right with a morning ritual, increase your productivity by setting limits on meetings, and using technology and apps to streamline your business.

5 Ways to Increase Your ProductivityStart your day right with a quick agenda overview

Do you check your email or your calendar first thing in the morning? Why not do both at the same time? Mentally prepare for the day with a quick snapshot of your daily tasks every morning by having Google Calendar email you a snapshot of your full agenda at 5 a.m. Do this by accessing the Reminders and Notifications menu, and checking the box next to Daily Agenda. First access the Reminders and Notifications menu and then check the box next to Daily Agenda.

Be alerted of interruptions to your commute before you leave

Once you’ve set up your commute destinations in Google Maps, Google Now (part of the Google Search app) will send you a notification with real-time traffic updates, including incidents, before you hit the road. You can even sync Google Now with your Calendar to get traffic updates before your meetings, and make sure you’re not late for appointments with your vendors and customers. 

Don’t let email take over your day

According to a report by McKinsey, the average person spends 28% of his work week going through emails. There are a few systems you can put in place to minimize the amount of time you spend emailing. Instead of reading an email the second it hits your inbox, designate a few times throughout your day to check email. Remember to practice the four D’s: do, delegate, dump, or delay.

Stay synced and organized with Google Apps

As you juggle everything that requires your attention, take advantage of time saving tools that keep your information current across all the devices you use throughout the day. Your Google account allows you to sync your calendar, maps, email, and even the notes you take on your phone with just one click. Watch this video to learn more about how you can even use Google Chrome to improve your productivity.

Prepare for tomorrow with end-of-day rituals

How you spend the last few minutes of your workday can have a great impact on the following morning’s success. The simplest way to bring closure to your day is to ask “What went well?” Then, as you prepare your to-do list for the following day, write down the top three things you want to accomplish to help you prioritize your time.

What are some tools and tactics you use to streamline your business? Share your tips with us in the Google Small Business Community.

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