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America’s #SBDC Congressional Showcase – Helios Remote Sensing Systems

January 24, 2016

8 Days to the Showcase!

Helios Remote Sensing Systems
Rome, New York

Rome, NY Tech Company Get On Uncle Sam’s Radar

Helios-Remote-Sensing-picRadar is involved in many different parts of our daily lives, such as the Doppler radar used to forecast weather or automatic position sensing in automobiles. An acronym for RAdio Detection And Ranging, radar describes the energy that detects a target’s range and motion. One small business in Rome, New York, Helios Remote Sensing Systems, Inc., is taking radar technology to new heights and keeping our nation’s military and intelligence forces the best equipped in the world.

In 2007, Walter Szczepanski was ready to start his technology company after a career with GE Aerospace in Utica, NY and Lockheed Martin in Syracuse, NY, working on airborne sensors. Helios initially employed just Szczepanski and his business-savvy daughter, Janine, but then quickly grew to include more employees in the following years. Walter and Janine turned to business advisor David Lerman at the Mohawk Valley Small Business Development Center (SBDC) for help with a business plan to launch Helios Remote Sensing Systems. Janine worked with Roxanne Mutchler, the statewide SBDC government contracting expert, to access BIDLinx, a free SBDC program which sends customized listings of contracting opportunities right to her email address.  (more…)