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November 13, 2015
PA-success-LuxTechSuccess Story: Pennsylvania
  • Wharton SBDC, Pennsylvania SBDC network
  • Client: LuxTech – SBDC client since 2013
  • SBDC Consultant:  Jacquline Jenkins

“The first start-up I worked at took us 3 years and $3 million investment to reach $1 million revenues. [LuxTech] took 1 year and $15,000 investment to reach $1 million revenues. Which would you rather do?” – Sean Darras, CEO and Founder, LuxTech

Impact of working with the Pennsylvania SBDC: Sean Darras founded LuxTech – which designs, develops and engineers LED modules that enable light fixture manufacturers to enter or expand their offerings. By the beginning of 2014, Darras had validated his business model, raised $700,000 in investment, hired 3 full-time and 2 part-time employees, built a national distribution network, and secured contracts for sales of over $5 million. (more…)