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Rhonda Abrams, Travel Blog Series: When You Return

September 24, 2014

What to Do when You Return from a Small Business Trip

Rhonda teamed up with Marriott and Visa to create the Smart Small Business Travel Guide, on which this blog post is based.

Before you go on a business trip, allow for thoughtful planning to help you make the most of your travel. (See my previous post to get started.) With a plan in place, you’ll have an easier time ensuring that you’re productive and meeting your goals while you’re away.

But in some ways, the most important part of your trip happens when you return. You’ll probably have generated many leads, sales, and ideas—now it’s time to follow-up.

Your first inclination when you get back to the office is to jump right in to tackle anything that’s accumulated while you’ve been away. Wait! Schedule an hour or two—or even a day—just for trip follow-up. Capture the successes you’ve achieved from your trip and outline your next steps.  (more…)