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Top 6 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Use CRM

Radhika Devidas
Product Marketing Associate | Zoho CRM

Small businesses offer a personal touch to their services that chain stores are unable to replicate. They have more latitude to help their customers and provide an experience unlike any other. It goes without saying that behind every successful small business is a lot of hard work and many long hours. Nothing will make being a business owner “easy,” but what if there were a product that could help a small business scale quickly through a system of customer centricity, process streamlining, and acute sales focus?

Customer Relations Management (CRM) software does exactly that. It’s why 65% of businesses opt to use a CRM system within the first five years of starting up. The evidence is abundant: CRM is a must-have software for every small business. 

Zoho CRM

More than just a database

It’s not easy for small businesses to keep all their data in one place, but it’s even harder to pull that data up when the need arises. A cloud-based CRM platform only requires simple login information to access and retrieve data regarding prospects, leads, sales numbers, revenue charts, and more.

A panoramic view of your position

CRM is primarily a sales tool, and the best thing about it is the timely follow-up and complete visibility it provides. In short, there is no better tool that can give you the complete picture of your sales health like a CRM.

Set goals. Achieve goals.

Setting and tracking sales goals is a lot less painful when you have a CRM to do the work for you. Forget about spreadsheets and making graphs. Features like forecasting let you set targets and monitor them without spending hours at sales meetings. You can compare current performance with past data, break down forecasts by salesperson, team, or territory, and get all the info you need to keep your sales growing. You can generate detailed visual reports to aid your presentations. CRM takes care of the nuts and bolts while you take charge of the big picture.

Automate routine activities

Everyday sales activities are often routine in nature. Boring tasks like updating fields, scheduling calls, creating reminders, and the like are a drain on your productivity. CRM frees up your time by automating everyday actions such that you can focus on activities that really need your attention.

Sales and marketing in one place

These two teams work best together, but often operate separately. CRM software brings them together under one roof. You may be surprised to learn that you can send and monitor email campaigns, manage and run social media, and contact event attendees from within CRM. Statistics say that 6 out of 10 small businesses use CRM to manage their email marketing efforts.

Sell anything, anywhere, to anyone, at any time, for any reason

Sales are not confined to the office, so why should CRM be? Every popular CRM platform offers a well-equipped mobile app that allows reps to access contacts, documents, notes, and just about everything else needed to conduct business on the go.

CRM is a mature technology that has evolved to become more user-friendly even as the functionality expands. Today, it is not just sales that use this product — marketing and support teams also use it to boost their effectiveness.

CRM is the most efficient, cost- effective and tech savvy way to run your small business by a long shot. Sign up now and begin your journey!


Author Bio: Radhika is a product marketer at Zoho CRM where she works with the sales enablement team. She’s responsible for managing lead nurturing, writing blogs and creating relevant collateral for events. She brings over six years of marketing, ad copywriting and process development to her team. In her free time she enjoys writing on Quora, reading, and spending time with her family.

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