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Three Cost Effective Ways to Generate Press for Your Business

Getting the press your business deserves comes down to building relationships with writers and having a compelling product or service. There are many ways to generate buzz for your business, but below we’ve provided three to generate traction without breaking the bank.

Analyze your competition

Are any of your competitors receiving endless amounts of press? Find out which journalists are writing those articles and how you can build a relationship with them. Make sure you only email them when you have something interesting to say. Writers can’t stand pitches that are completely self-promotional.

Share your expertise

Most businesses can enhance their online and offline reputations through thought-leadership work. In essence, this means speaking at a conference, conducting a webinar or even publishing written work. Whether you know it or not, you’re likely an expert in your profession and you can certainly differentiate yourself from the crowd by joining and leading the conversation. The return on investment for thought leadership may not be measurable at first, but over time it can be a game-changer for your company.

You do not need to hire a big PR firm

Many companies are familiar with compensating a PR firm thousands of dollars a month and not necessarily being able to measure the return, which is frustrating and expensive. Have you subscribed to one of the email distribution lists that connect writers and publishers to experts and companies for sources to use in their articles? The best in class of these new free distribution lists is Help a Reporter Out (HARO), launched by the PR guru Peter Shankman. It’s very easy to use and it works; we know from experience. A successful pitch will take some trial and error, but it’s certainly cheaper than hiring a PR firm.


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