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Sweet success for two entrepreneurs

Success Story: Idaho –
Amazing Glaze Donuts
Dean & Katie Giesbrecht, Owners, Amazing Glaze Donuts, Pocatello, Idaho

Katie Giesbrecht was working as a barista for Double Shot Donuts when the owners of the shop asked Katie and her husband if they would be interested in buying the business. At the time, Katie and Dean were both looking for new opportunities and decided to consider the offer.

They spent seven months working side by side with the previous owners, learning the business operations and working with the Idaho SBDC before the sale of the business went through. In August, 2017, the Giesbrechts reopened the business as Amazing Glaze Donuts.

When asked what makes Amazing Glaze Donuts different than other donuts in the marketplace, Katie and Dean both agree: it’s the recipe. The proprietary recipe includes real Idaho potatoes. “It’s a big part of what we bought when we purchased the business,” said Dean. Katie and Dean both spent time tasting as many donuts as they could before purchasing the business. “We tried everything from vegan to whole wheat. Nothing tastes as good as these.”

Recently, Dean and Katie have expanded their business to include soup and bread bowl lunch items, longer hours, and a growing number of wholesale customers. The Giesbrechts still work with SBDC consultants Claudia and Ann, for Quickbooks questions and marketing assistance. They look forward to eventually expanding their business to Idaho Falls and Boise.

To learn more about Amazing Glaze Donuts, visit For more about the Idaho SBDC visit, and to find your nearest SBDC, click here.

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