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Success Story: Alaska

Alaska Premier Services, owned by Mike Anderson, is an Anchorage based business that focuses on providing high quality services that make homeowner’s lives easier. Services offered include landscaping, lawn maintenance, snow plowing and housekeeping by an experienced and detail-oriented crew.

Alaska Premier Services has over ten years of experience delivering high quality services to the Anchorage area and was even voted the 2013 Best Lawn Care Company in Anchorage! Anderson first approached the Alaska Small Business Development Center in September of 2012. Along with meeting with our Business Advisers, Anderson found the workshops extremely helpful especially in creating a marketing strategy for his company.

Alaska Premier Services is now very active on several social media platforms, including Facebook and LinkedIn and has a comprehensive, easy to use website. Anderson is able to utilize both his website and social media to provide homeowners not only with updates on the business but also with information that will help them maintain their homes. Alaska Premier Services is also the only business of it’s kind in Anchorage to offer instant pricing for it’s services directly through their website.

“The SBDC has played a key role in furthering my business knowledge which has greatly increased both our growth rate as well as our success so far” said Anderson, “I’ve attended a dozen different SBDC classes, all pertaining to different business topics and have learned more than I could have imagined.”

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