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Koble Helps to Solve Your Biggest Business Challenge: Discovering the Right Companies to Do Business With!

By Koble –

As we continue to spotlight the best resources and tools for entrepreneurs and businesses, we want to highlight the opportunity to gain unrivaled visibility for your company on Koble, a trusted community made up of 11 million B2B companies — including Fortune 500 corporations like General Electric, Oracle and Harley Davidson — looking to do business with a SMB like yours!

Koble, which was an official ambassador for the America’s SBDC 3rd Annual SBDC Day on March 20th, helps SMB companies with a focus on selling and buying from other businesses solve their number one business challenge — discovering the right new companies to do business with!

In fact, Koble’s 2018 SMB Sales and Growth Confidence Survey discovered that nearly three times as many SMB owners say finding new customers is a more significant challenge for their company than hiring new employees or accessing capital.

Business Challenges Chart

How to Use Koble to Your SMB’s Advantage

Koble is solely focused on helping businesses connect with other companies to form and grow relationships, and that makes entering into discussions with prospects much easier on the Koble platform than on other digital platforms or social networks.

Notably, message response rates on Koble are twice as high as the response rates on LinkedIn, and Koble’s message click-through rate on interactions is more than five times the average seen on other professional networks.

Furthermore, with nearly half of small businesses not having a Website, Koble provides a free and instantaneous alternative for putting your company on the digital map. Koble builds your page and you claim it! After that you reap the rewards of your SEO optimized Koble Page, ensuring your company ranks high on search engines like Google.

To take advantage of Koble and invite your network of SMBs to join the platform, follow these easy steps!

1. Download the Koble app on iTunes or Google Play
2. Claim your company’s Koble Page for free!
3. Easily edit or enhance your page with additional info
4. Start to gather reviews on your page to enhance your company’s reputation
5. Start a conversation with prospects in real-time with the premium Koble Chat feature

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