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How to Avoid SEO Scams

If you own a website, chances are, you have been contacted by one of these idiots. They call every month promising the “number one spot” on Google! They tell you that your site is not showing up in searches… and THEY can help (for a small price). Before you sign up for their GUARANTEED RESULTS, watch this video. Warning: Signing up with the wrong company can cause Google to DE-LIST your site completely!


Eric Spellmann continues to be one of the highest rated speakers at our national America’s SBDC conferences.  His unique view that small business websites should “do” something pushes against the standard “online pamphlet” view of most web design companies.  He believes your customer’s websites should be driving qualified leads and sales on a weekly basis.  Eric speaks at a number of other national and state conferences nationwide, but enjoys running one of the most successful web design companies in the country.  He truly believes in the SBDC mission as it helped him start his own company many years ago.  To contact him, visit his website at

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