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From Big Box to Building Trust: Dr. Clark’s Journey to Personalized Pharmacy Care

Dr. Andrew Clark knew there had to be a better way to do pharmacy. Tired of the impersonal service at big-box stores, he dreamed of opening his own pharmacy where patients could come first. But starting a business is no walk in the park, especially for someone with no business background.

That’s where the Mississippi Small Business Development Center (SBDC) came in. The SBDC provided Dr. Clark with the free resources and expert advice he needed to turn his dream into reality. From writing a business plan to navigating the ins and outs of marketing and finance, the SBDC was there every step of the way.

“The SBDC was the secret weapon I never knew I needed,” says Dr. Clark. “They helped me with everything from choosing the right location to setting up my finances. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their help.”

Today, Northtown Pharmacy is thriving. It’s a place where patients know their pharmacist and their pharmacist knows them. It’s a place where personalized care and community come first.

If you’re thinking about starting your own business, don’t go it alone. The Mississippi SBDC is here to help you succeed.

Here are some of the ways the SBDC helped Dr. Clark:

    • Developed a business plan
    • Analyzed potential locations
    • Provided marketing and financial advice
    • Helped him connect with other business owners

Ready to unlock your entrepreneurial potential? Visit the Mississippi SBDC website today!

Dr. Clark Story:

Read the transcription

Mississippi is an area where health care is greatly needed, so I decided to stay here to be an asset to my community. I worked in all the big box stores. You understand that they’re more focused on volume.

I decided that there was a better way to do pharmacy. There’s a better way to do patient care. I wanted to know patients and patients have an opportunity to know you. In order to do that, I had to open up my own pharmacy.

Hello, my name is Dr. Andrew Clark. I’m a pharmacist and owner of Northtown Pharmacy.

I always like science from a very early age. Wyatt, USM kind of got introduced to the world of pharmacy. Mississippi is home, you know, I’m from Indian Ola, from the Delta. Family is still there. And so I wanted to stay here. Jackson had a water crisis, you know, in order to take your medication, you need a clean, safe water. So when that happened, we reached out out to the officials of Jackson and we partnered with them, partnered with several non -profits, and we actually became a water distribution center.

You know, having a biology degree or science degree, businesses is not a huge component of that, right? You’re not required to take accounting or business or marketing.

The SBA or the Small Business Development Center was located directly on Jackson. State campus Which was only you know a couple miles from where I was working at so reached out to them Reached out to the counselors there send the appointment inside to go in Start talking about a business plan I started putting things together and I reached out to them to help me to develop my business plan I learned a lot just from the financial standpoint and sit down talking with the counselor on what would be expected Over the next three years and owning a pharmacy. We also did location in the I had several areas in mind.

It was very important that we did that location analysis because in business is location, location, location. And so fortunately I’m in a great location right now.

Another thing that I did with the Small Bend Development Center, the classes. At the time they had the classes that cover things like social media, credit, marketing. So I actually attended some of those classes and the classes that I did not attend, those webinars that I was able to log into, I basically put myself through business school by reaching out to Small Bend Development Center. I would definitely recommend working with Small Bend Development Center.

First of all, the resources are free. And they’re very accessible. About the Small Bend Development Center located in so many places throughout the state. So it’s easy to get in.

So I would definitely tell anyone. anyone that’s looking into starting a business to reach out. One of the best things is the counselor that I had. Very eager to help.

Me being me, I called during different times. She gave me a personal cell phone number. I had questions. She answered those questions. I was able to reach back out to her and she helped me with those financials.

It was maybe two years later that she was able to reach out to me. was still willing to help. It’s more of a relationship and a partnership that lasted. I can pick up the phone right now and give her a call. Northtown Pharmacy is where your help come first.

You know your pharmacist and your pharmacist knows you. It’s very important that you see the same face all the time, and that includes the staff. And so I really enjoy being everyone out in the community.

I really enjoy getting to know your family, and I really enjoy being a lot of people. allow me to pretty much be a part of their family. You know, you can come here and get your firm to love.

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