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Five Ways to Support Veteran-Owned Small Businesses

By: Sharita Humphrey

99.9% of veteran-owned businesses are small businessesBusinesses have been struggling as a result of the pandemic and the negative shift of the economy. Most small businesses have had to reframe their operations in these difficult times. And small businesses owned by veterans are no exception.

This week is National Veterans Small Business Week. Don’t you think it’s time to pay back the heroism of our beloved veterans? So what can you do to support these veteran-owned businesses? If this question is near to your heart, here are five ways you can help those who have done so much for us.

1. Purchase Products from Veteran-Owned Establishments

This is simple. Patronizing their businesses is a clear-cut way to extend your support to veteran-owned businesses. Your purchases help boost revenues. You don’t have to spend a lot. Just buy the things you need. What matters is supporting veteran-owned businesses through your purchases.

A ripple effect will soon follow. Your purchases also generate income for employees. At the same time, you also help business suppliers. It’s simple, right? Identify which establishments near you are owned by veterans. Then make a point of buying from those businesses.

2. Share Their Products and Services on Social Media

Social media is an excellent platform for marketing. Nearly everyone you know is likely scrolling through social media apps every day. Why not use this opportunity to show some love for a veteran-owned business?

By sharing or promoting a product or service you love, you extend the reach and visibility of that business. Like, share, or simply talk about your experience, and people throughout your network will have the chance to see what your favorite veteran-owned businesses have to offer. You don’t even have to leave home!

3. Leave Positive Comments on Their Social Media Pages

The truth is, people rely on reviews to make many of their major, and not so major, purchases every day. If you don’t already make it a habit to leave positive feedback when you buy an awesome product or receive excellent service, it’s not too late to start! Positive comments on social media bring credibility to your favorite veteran-owned business. Share on XYou’re showing that what they offer is valuable. And someone else might choose to purchase based on your comments.

When you leave your comment or review, be specific. Share what you liked and why. And describe your experience with customer service, employees, or the owners themselves. Give people a feel for why they should do business with this company. Your comments might make a bigger difference than you imagine for a struggling business!

4. Be Part of Social Groups That Support Veteran-Owned Businesses

Social groups create a support system with a unified goal. Rally the support of your own social network for the veteran-owned businesses in your community. Together, you can increase awareness and create a greater impact.

Maybe you could collaborate on a fundraiser with a local veteran-owned business. Or band together to promote an event featuring a business. The possibilities are almost endless when you work as a group.

5. Be an Advocate of Financial Solutions

Improving your own financial literacy can benefit more than just your personal finances. The more you know about saving, budgeting, spending, and so on, the better prepared you are to help the veteran-owned businesses that mean so much to you.

Whether you take an online money management course, hire a financial coach, or read reliable finance publications, you’re setting yourself up to be a wealth of knowledge. Why not share that knowledge with a business you value? You could refer them to some of the resources you gained the most insight from. No matter how you do it, your actions will show that you appreciate their business and their contribution to this country.

Bottom line:

There are many ways you can support veteran-owned businesses. Big or small, your actions are significant in the life of these businesses. What can you do today to show your support and appreciation?


About the Author: Sharita M. Humphrey is an award-winning finance expert, money mentor and Certified Financial Education Instructor. Once broke and homeless, Sharita completely transformed her life and is now a successful entrepreneur and one of the most in-demand money coaches for individuals and business owners of color. In 2020, Sharita was named National Financial Educator of the Year.

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