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Colorful, Tasteful and Authentic Mexican Experience with BOGA Tacos.

BOGA Taco, LLC — A Success Story

Guadalupe Osorno arrived to the U.S. escaping from domestic violence but still here she was a victim who ended up in a shelter with her 4 children at that time. She went to the Fresh Start program which helped her with housing and a job. She was working day and night shifts cleaning, she saved money and planned to start her own business. By then, she remarried and now has 8 kids. She got together with her family members and each invested to get their dream a reality.

Before opening she wanted to get assistance from the SBA and the University of Pittsburgh SBDC who has a Spanish-speaking consultant. The consultant has office hours at the Washington County Chamber of Commerce in Southpointe where they met for advice, went over the financials and business plan. She was counseled on managing people, operations, and marketing strategies.

Out of the four investors, she is one of them and works at the restaurant along with the second investor who is the cook. On weekends, she offers specials with her own recipes that complements the shrimp bowls made by the main cook. She wears multiple hats and is offering a unique dining experience.

In summary, the business has invested over $100,000 is ready offering menu specialties, catering and giving some proceeds to the domestic violence groups in town. She said that if she was able to stand up, work hard and accomplish her dream, others can do the same.

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