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Army Veteran’s Business Battles Bullying

UTSA-Success-Success-Army-Vet-Battles-BullyingSuccess Story: Texas

“The (UTSA SBDC) staff are experts in leveraging business acumen and providing resources, advice and access to avenues that help small-business owners start and grow their business. I highly recommend them to any veteran starting their own business.” – Tim Porter, Founder & CEO, Appddiction Studio

Tim Porter planned on a long career in the military, quickly moving up the Army ranks for nearly 10 years. But one instant changed everything. Stationed at Camp Casey in South Korea in 1998, a bomb exploded in Porter’s hands during a training exercise.

Over the next 15 years, Porter would enter the information technology field and climb the ladder much like he had in the military. With the help of friends, reading books and watching tutorials, he taught himself how to develop apps.

With the help of UTSA’s Small Business Development Center, he became founder and CEO in 2011 of Appddiction Studio. Porter and his team develop apps, Web-based application-management consoles, and application-based software product design.

The first app that Porter and his team created is called Stop Bullies. It allows students who witness bullying to anonymously and immediately send a text description, picture, video or voice recording of the incident to school administrators via a smartphone or tablet PC.

Read the whole story, and learn more about the University of Texas San Antonio (UTSA) SBDC and Appddiction Studio.

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