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Friends Bring Fresh Approach to Animal Feed with Fodder Farming

April 17, 2023

Tracey Ahearn and Kathy Signorelli have been friends for 35 years. They have supported each other through just about everything: relationships, marriages, jobs, kids, divorces, moves. Now they own a business together.

“When I had the opportunity to chase my dream of working with horses and help improve the health of horses with growing fodder hydroponically, Tracey was all in,” said Signorelli. “She has always been interested in hydroponics and growing sprouts, and we both have a love for animals, so we decided to give it our best shot.”

They started Red Barn Harvest in Hot Springs, Arkansas, in 2021. Red Barn Harvest produces fresh, hydroponically grown barley sprouts, known as fodder, as feed for performance horses and other grass-fed animals. They serve the immediate Hot
Springs area, home of Oaklawn race track.

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