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2018 Client Showcase Countdown #1 – Washington SBDC Client Whooshh Innovations Moves Fish Humanely, Reliably and Cost-Effectively

Meet Whooshh Innovations, LLC ( | @JustWhooshh)

Whoosh InnovationsWhooshh Innovations™ is revolutionizing fish passage, fish handling and seafood processing through its proprietary, proven technology — moving fish cost-effectively, reliably, and gently. The company was launched 10 years ago, with the goal of enabling the mechanical harvest of highly perishable agricultural products such as tree fruit.

Soon recognizing the need to apply the same technology to move fish gently over obstacles and barriers, the company began testing its technology on live fish. The initial success with farmed fish led researchers to explore the use of Whooshh technology to move fish over dams — as well as in processing plants where hygiene is critical.

Most recently, the company has combined its revolutionary fish passage technology with sophisticated scanning and sorting capabilities that enable fisheries managers to automatically sort out hatchery or invasive species from the native wild species migrating upstream. Whooshh systems are now deployed in Norway and have been used coast to coast in the United States.

SBDC: Western Washington SBDC Export Center (
SBDC Advisor: Sharon Sappington

“We initially approached SBDC with some caution. Could the SBDC provide us with the expertise and research we needed on a timely basis? Were we better off going at it on our own? Could the SBDC really help us with B2B and B2G? Yes, no and yes. The Government may have a reputation of not moving quickly, but our experience with the SBDC has been that they pushed us to move the business forward and were careful not to waste our time. Business planning and market intelligence is some of what the SBDC brings to the table, but perhaps just as importantly, confidence that the business decisions you are making are sound.” – Vincent Bryan III, CEO, Whooshh Innovations, LLC

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