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America’s #SBDC Client Showcase – SimUCare

January 26, 2017
11 Days to the Congressional Showcase!

State: Delaware
SBDC: Delaware SBDC
SBDC Advisors: Mike Bowman and Bob Rausch
SBDC Client: SimUCare

SimUCare Co-Founder Amy CowperthwaitSimUCare manufactures and sells wearable, sensor-enabled training devices to hospitals, universities and sim centers in the rapidly growing $2B healthcare simulation education market. SimUCare products merge the personal and technical aspects of clinical training.

Previously, clinical students had to practice their skills on lifeless manikins, depriving them of the opportunity to enhance their bedside manner while working on their technique. SimUCare marries the two worlds by allowing students to practice on a trained actor that has been equipped with a SimUCare device, also known as a Standardized Patient.

Co-Founder and CEO Amy Cowperthwait conceived this idea when she was working as a clinical nursing specialist in the University of Delaware’s School of Nursing Resource Simulation Center and coordinating the Healthcare Theatre for the university. She then sought assistance from the University of Delaware’s Office of Economic Innovation & Partnerships (OEIP) on how to commercialize this technology. (more…)