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5 Common Small Business Cyber Security Myths

December 21, 2015
computerBy Hanna Burmeister, Michigan SBDC 

It’d be difficult to find a business today that doesn’t use at least one computer-based or online system.  With online cloud-based services available for anything from accounting to file sharing, it’s no wonder that small businesses are adopting (and inventing) these new technologies.  However, as technology gets smarter, so do hackers.

Though cyber attacks on large companies like Target or Home Depot may make headlines, hackers are increasingly targeting small businesses.  Unfortunately, most small businesses are unaware of cyber security threats, leaving them especially vulnerable.

In order to better understand small business cyber security, let’s start by investigating five common cyber security myths:

1. Hackers only target large companies.
Unfortunately, small businesses make excellent targets for hackers. Most small businesses don’t have the resources to invest in heavy-duty security measures, but still possess valuable information.  Additionally, many small businesses are simply unaware of cyber security risks and how to mitigate them. Hackers are a real threat to small businesses, and developing a cyber security strategy is incredibly important no matter a business’ size.  (more…)