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Three Ways to Convert Your Fans and Followers into Customers

December 16, 2015

How is it that you can amass loads of fans and followers on social media yet still not have that translate into more customers for your business? This situation is actually quite common, and easy to grasp why, when you think about how easy it is to get someone to “Like” you online. Yet converting those likes into customers, and transforming those customers into steady patrons (and, ideally, your word-of-mouth marketers) aren’t the easiest feats to accomplish.

To help you do this, here are three ways you can inspire your online fans to get out from behind their computer screens and into your business.

Present exclusive specials only through social media. You can build up your following by running special promotions exclusively on one social media site. For example, you could offer interesting downloadable content or a special discount to your Facebook fans, or give away tickets to a sold-out event to followers who correctly and directly message you the answers to trivia questions that are only posted on Twitter.

Host a private event for your VIP fans. Identify those fans that have gone out of their way to spread the word about your business and invite them to an exclusive event that you are hosting, or perhaps offer them access to a private party during a high-profile event.  (more…)