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Avoid These Common Mistakes That Get Your Email Marked As Spam

September 28, 2015
By Anissa Starnes, Director, National Organizations for Constant Contact

You work hard to build trust with your customer base and you value your relationships with your customers. Even so, you may be struggling with your emails being reported as spam along with so many other businesses. It’s frustrating when you spend time cultivating the right message for your audience, send your email, and are met with a handful of spam complaints in response. How can this be avoided?

The trouble is that many email users decide that your email is unwanted and automatically click to “report as spam.” Email spam reports are a matter of opinion, and laziness to unsubscribe causes many businesses to receive spam complaints. This makes it difficult to figure out what you’re doing wrong.

Although there is no guaranteed way to completely avoid spam reports, there are certainly actions that can be taken to lower your spam reports. Here are some bad email marketing practices to quit now and improve your spam reports:  (more…)