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Up Your Game: 3 Simple Ways to Write Product Descriptions that Rock

September 16, 2015
Brooke LipsitzBy Brooke Lipsitz

You’ve set up your first online store. You know your product is rock solid, and now, you’re on a mission to showcase your items.

You know great images make a big difference so you’ve made sure to include the best photos, but you still need a creative and unique description to tell the viewer what makes your product worth buying. This verbiage goes beyond the visual to describe your product’s features and benefits — and it’s critical to your e-commerce efforts.

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to make writing those product descriptions easier.

1. Personality and voice are key

Begin by determining your core audience and how to best speak to them. For example, if your product is meant to appeal to an engineer, your description of features and benefits, as well as your language, will be different than that of someone selling beauty supplies.

Educating an audience about a product or service may be helpful, but if your target audience is already aware of how the product functions, be sure to speak to their existing knowledge and add to it.

What about some personality? Absolutely! You can be fun and conversational with all types of buyers, but make sure your humor will be appreciated based on whom you are trying to target.

Some things to remember when injecting your personality into a description:  (more…)