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Franchising In An Affordable Way

July 8, 2015

Franchising-In-An-Affordable-WaySeveral economists and financial sources cite that, while things have steadily (albeit slowly) improved, America may be in the midst of a “new normal” in terms of its level of improvement. Suffice to say, very few businesses in corporate America have been able to escape the cycle of downsizing and outsourcing.

Executives previously locked into so-called “safe” environments have found themselves alongside the bevy of recent college graduates—all scouring limited job opportunities rife with qualified candidates. In the most conservative estimate, it is proffered that—at a minimum—there are three candidates for every corporate job opening today. Facts and figures such as these have led to a sea-change in attitude. From those willing to initiate an investigation of small business ownership to the full-on “I can’t take it anymore!” crowd, it seems as if alternatives to working for others have truly been replaced by the attraction of working for themselves.

Of all considerations poured into the discovery and investigation of small business or franchise ownership, what is one of the biggest misconceptions? Money. Specifically, the amount necessary to invest in a worthwhile opportunity that leads to financial independence. Ask most potential prospects and franchise candidates about the capital necessary to invest in their future and you’ll likely hear an astronomical figure that has no real basis in fact.  (more…)