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Email Marketing That Nails Sales

January 16, 2014

Did you know that companies that leverage email marketing estimate its overall return on investment at 119 percent?* That’s an impressive ROI! Without a doubt, a carefully considered email marketing campaign can reap high returns for savvy small business owners.

Email marketing is an opportunity to connect with existing customers and prospects in ways that other online marketing resources cannot. When done correctly, an email marketing campaign can boost brand awareness, pique interest in your products and services, communicate value to a targeted audience, and generate sales.

So, how do you do it right? Here are five tips for top-notch email marketing:

1. Only send email campaigns to people who have signed up for or requested them. Email campaign companies offer resources like opt-in buttons or sign-up forms to help build permission-based contact lists.

2. Craft the kind of content your contacts requested. You’ll build credibility and loyalty when you deliver what you promised. Get creative, but be sure to provide the type of information recipients signed up for. And remember to include at least one compelling call to action, such as “Call today to start saving!” (more…)