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5 Easy Tips for Using Video in Email

September 17, 2013

Videos are a great way to get your newsletter readers to remember your message and put a face to your organization. Making a video for your small business or nonprofit is easy– most smartphones record video in High Definition, so you likely already have exactly what you need to get started already. This is great news for all small businesses and organizations, especially those who use email marketing to connect with their target audience online.

Here are 5 easy tips to help you a video in your next email:

Make it short and sweet

The shorter your video is the more effective it will be. Most people stop watching videos within the first minute. Unless you’re giving away a video podcast or a webinar, don’t make your video more than 90 seconds. If you have an idea that you know will take more than 1-2 minutes, consider turning it into a video series. Instead of using a 10-minute video in one email, create five 2-minute videos, and promote them over the course of a month. (more…)

Crowdfund Investing Education for the Financial Advisor and the Financial Service Industry

September 17, 2013

The Crowdfund Investing Industry has been gaining momentum every day, yet its impact is still only a fraction of its full potential for the economy. Our question to you is… will you be ready when it blows up into “the next big thing’?

Crowdfunding is changing the economic landscape. This latest wave of disruption to investment and finance may be the most profound and beneficial so far – or ever. So it’s imperative for financial advisors to learn about how the meteoric rise of crowdfunding opens access to new sources of funding via these new, more broadly accessible internet-based funding models.

If you serve as a financial advisor or financial service provider, understanding this paradigm shift for the economy will put you in a position to provide insights, advice and leadership to your clients and those around you. Sources for practical, hands-on crowdfunding information are emerging. (more…)