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The First 5 Things to Do When Getting Started on Twitter

September 21, 2012

For most things you want to accomplish in life, getting started is often the hardest part. The same is true for social media. If you are anxious about getting started it is easy to put off signing up for Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest until tomorrow… or next week… or next month.

To help you stop procrastinating and start achieving your social media goals, here’s a list of the first 5 things you should do to get started on Twitter.

1. Develop your identity.

After choosing a username, or as it’s called on Twitter your “handle,” you’ll want to create a bio that captures the spirit of your business. Keep in mind, more people will find you on Twitter that have no previous knowledge of who you are or what you do than on any other network. If you had just a few seconds (or in this case 160 characters) to explain your business to a complete stranger, what would you say? That will be your bio. (more…)