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How to establish and protect your competitive advantage

August 13, 2012
By Jack Garson

(On The Edge from The Legal Edge, SmartCEO Magazine)

In today’s world, more so than in decades past, business is not a “build it and they will come” affair. To create and maintain a profitable business, you need a competitive edge. Your competitive advantage can both drive more business your way and critically protect you against copycats. It can also take a variety of forms. The keys are distinguishing your business from others, fending off imitators and then keeping that edge fresh.

What Works for Your Business

Every company is different. So the competitive advantage that works in one might not work at all for another company. Even in the same industry, your edge may vary. One drycleaner might be the cheapest, another might clean your shirt in an hour and a third might be that rare one that doesn’t smash my buttons (wouldn’t that be something!). (more…)