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You Have Probably Used a Silgan Food Container Today

Silgan-Plastic-Food-Containers-picSuccess Story: Missouri
  • University of Missouri-Columbia SBTDC, Missouri SBTDC
  • SBTDC Consultants: International Trade Center director Larry Dill, and International Trade Specialists Jackie Rasmussen and Pablo Arroyo
  • Client: Silgan Plastic Food Containers, Union, Missouri – SBTDC client since 2014

Silgan Plastic Food Containers (PFC), a subsidiary of Silgan Holdings Inc., holds a leading share of the domestic market in shelf-stable, microwaveable plastic food packaging, used by such iconic brands as Campbell’s, Gerber, Del Monte, Nestle, Hormel Foods and Green Giant, to name a few.

Silgan-Plastic-Food-Containers-quoteSilgan PFC’s executive team knew, however, that at least 95 percent of all economic activity occurs outside the U.S. and that an increasing global middle class demand more food packaging options, including products in plastic food containers. This team first met International Trade Center (ITC) director Larry Dill and international trade specialists Jackie Rasmussen and Pablo Arroyo at a Franklin County MO SBTDC export training seminar in 2014. They then decided to try ITC services.

Impact of working with the University of Missouri-Columbia SBTDC: Increase in exports, from $4 million to $10 million annually

Read the whole story, and learn more about the Missouri SBTDC and Silgan Plastic Food Containers.

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