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Email Marketing Strategy. Take the 15 Minute Challenge: DESIGN

(Part 2 of a 5-part series on email marketing strategy)

By Bria Sullivan

Email Design

How confident are you in your email design?

Do you know every email you send is perfectly designed to drive awareness and sales for your business?

We’ll show you how it’s done in our free webinar: Design Your Email Template in 15 Minutes or Less. Can’t attend live? Sign up anyway and we’ll email you a recording.

You’ll learn how to set up a mobile-responsive email template that matches your brand, communicates your message effectively, and drives action for your business.

Want to get started right away?

Download your copy of the Email Design Checklist and follow along with the steps below.

Email Design Checklist

1. Header

Email Marketing Header

The header section of your email is like the envelope field, and although it’s not typically something you’d think of as a design element, it’s the first thing your readers see in their inbox. And just like a piece of postal mail, who it’s from plays an important role in influencing your decision to open it.

You want to use a “From Name” that your contacts will recognize and associate with your business.

An eye-catching subject line also helps readers decide whether or not they want to open the email. With over half of emails opened on a mobile device, you’ll want to design your subject line with mobile in mind. Write 4-7 words to make the most of the limited space within the mobile inbox.

Tip: Here are 11 surefire secrets to standout subject lines.

2. Preheader

The preheader acts like the second subject line on a mobile device; use it to further entice people to open your email. Make the most of the first 6 – 11 words.

Here’s how the preheader looks in a subscriber’s mobile inbox:

Email Marketing Preheader
3. Logo and colors

Email Marketing Logo and Colors

When someone opens your email, your logo and colors are going to be the first things to stand out.

Use these design elements consistently so your email contacts easily recognize your brand. Over time, they’ll recognize your email in the inbox and will be more likely to open it each time.

Tip: Here’s how to use your logo and colors to brand your email like a pro.

4. Image

Email Marketing - images

Use an image that supports the purpose of your email message. If you’re sending a message about a sale on a particular product, use an image of that product to support your message.

If you don’t have the budget for a photographer, you can always edit your own photos to look more professional using free online tools.

5. Text

Email Marketing - text

When people read online or on a mobile device, they typically scan the content before they read it.

Design your text in a way that catches the reader’s attention. Use size 22pt font for your headings and a complementary color that matches your brand colors.

The message body should be at least size 14pt font and contain 3-5 sentences about why they should act on you call-to-action button.

Tip: Not sure what to write about? Here are 30 email ideas for when you’re not sure what to send.

6. Call-to-action
Email Marketing - call to action

Be sure to tell your readers what they should do next. You may want your readers to visit a specific page on your website, call your store, or redeem a coupon.

Use a button to make your call to action stand out and easy to click.

7. Footer

Email Marketing - footer

The footer section of your email design remains the same from email to email and contains important contact information about your business.

Include your address, phone number, website, and hours of operation in the footer section.

Also, include links to your social channels, so people know how to connect with you on the social networks of their choice. Be sure to test those links before you finish your email.

Send your emails with confidence

Download or bookmark your Email Design Checklist so you can be sure every email is set up for success.


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