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Doing Our Parts to Help Veterans Find Work

There are many ways that we can all help veterans find and maintain employment. Sure, there are plenty of government services in place that assist veterans in this area but this is only half the battle, and besides, there’s always room for improvement. If we’re ever going to lower overall veteran unemployment rates it will require a collaborative effort from all of us.

Rather than focus on WHY it’s important to support veterans when it comes to seeking and securing jobs, because the answer to why should go without saying, this article is geared towards HOW we can provide solutions no matter what our age or position.

Help Raise Awareness

To every problem there’s a solution and positive change can all begin by raising awareness. A little support really can go a long way. As a member of your community, whether you’re a student, business owner or even someone who is retired, there are countless ways you can get involved when it comes to helping veterans in your neighborhood find work.

Perhaps it could be something like starting and/or signing a petition that demands equal workplace opportunities for veterans and non-veterans alike. Help to create a better balance and begin to acknowledge and support the many ways that veterans can also contribute to your community.

Get Active & Involved

Like anyone else, veterans need a steady income and the ability to put food on the table. Don’t be afraid to speak up or do your part when it comes to bridging the gap between lack of awareness and exposing the need to create more job opportunities for veterans in your area. It can be a simple act such as volunteering towards a movement that helps local veterans successfully secure jobs and stability. Start an informal local job or transportation exchange.

Ask people in your community to get involved: “What have you done lately to help a fellow veteran?” You’d be surprised how many people are willing to help but don’t always know how or aren’t aware of the resources available in their area.

Provide Support & Encouragement

Let fellow troops or veterans know how much you care and ask them directly what you can do to help. They’ve risked their lives to ensure our freedom and quality of life so returning the favor with such a selfless act is the least each and every one of us can do.

Who knows, it could boil down to something so simple as a disabled veteran needing a ride to a local employment office and that could be the difference between them being unemployed or finding work. Even the smallest kind gestures can make a world of difference. We’ve seen a lot of positive results from nationwide initiatives that help veterans find work, but we also need to think and act on a smaller and more local community scale if we are ever going to overcome elevated veteran unemployment rates.


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