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Cloud Computing Rains Business Benefits for SMBs

Small businesses have been buzzing about cloud computing for some time.  A number of small-business owners have either seen firsthand or heard about the cloud’s ability to save them money and increase productivity.

However, many may be surprised to learn the cloud goes beyond these benefits, allowing companies to reinvest in themselves and their employees, as well as drive broader innovation and fuel job creation that will take their business to the next level.

Cost savings through the cloud are huge in the small-business sector.  The very nature of the cloud – providing IT applications and services on an as-needed basis, charging only for what is used – gives small businesses access to enterprise-grade technologies at an affordable and predictable price.

Essentially, cloud computing lets businesses shift the bulk of their information technology and applications to cloud-based services, eliminating the expenses associated with buying additional servers, networking them and upgrading software.  Instead of tying up employees’ time or incurring additional fees to bring on external consultants to perform maintenance, businesses can rely on the cloud to keep their critical technology in working order and up to date.

Cloud computing frees businesses from the inefficiencies of outdated technology systems.  It gives employees and owners, who normally oversaw IT maintenance and upgrades, more time to focus on strategic business directives.  By leveraging time and budgets to focus more on business and less on support functions, companies have the opportunity to directly grow their business.

Additionally, savings and efficiencies gained from the cloud allow companies to reinvest in their core business — innovating new products and solutions, training staff, investing in marketing and sales initiatives — to ultimately gain new clients and hire additional team members to service a growing client base.

If the cloud isn’t already on your radar, now is time to take advantage of all it has to offer — and shift your focus back to what really matters: your business. To learn more about cloud solutions to help you both save and make money for your small business, check out the Microsoft Cloud Computing resource to find what works best for your company. Want to make the move to the cloud, but not sure where to start? We have partners in your local area ready to assess your situation and facilitate the implementation of cloud technologies for your small business.


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