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Continue Your Education As A Business Owner

June 24, 2015

continue-your-educationThis week’s blog is going to delve into territory reserved for existing franchisees who desire a continuing education for the small business owner. We feel it is also important to maintain and nurture your franchise after you’ve set up a successful business. There are many types of entrepreneurs who would deem themselves fit to run a business. But there is also a good portion of owners who feel they could be doing a better job.

That’s where continuing education for small business owners enters the picture. Several professions, such as careers in medicine, law and accounting, actually require continuing education classes—some of which are on an annual basis. It’s simply a way of maintaining a sharp acumen to your particular skill set.

Seminars are a popular choice because of the varied information presented, as well as the networking possibilities. An excellent resource website for finding applicable small business seminars and workshops can be found on the U.S. Small Business Administration Events Page. Here, you have the ability to refine a search by subject and zip code, so that you can find something that appeals to your franchise, and close by.  (more…)

Consider A Resale Franchise

June 19, 2015

consider-a-resale-franchiseYou’re considering going into business for yourself. Perhaps you’re looking into a franchise, but you’re not sure you’re ready to start a brand new franchise outlet. Even with all the support and systems in place to aid new franchisees, the thought of tackling a brand new franchise outlet can be intimidating to some. An attractive option for those individuals may be a resale franchise opportunity.

Franchises all over the country will routinely be resold by the previous franchisee for a variety of reasons. These outlets may be a little more “ready-made” for an immediate business opportunity, yet all businesses aren’t created equal. Also, you may not know which franchises are for sale.  Many times, the franchisee must work back through their franchisor in a resale opportunity.  You need to find the right guidance and investigate, there’s no substitute for performing your proper due diligence throughout the business investigation process.

Consider the following:


Look into the historical track record for the finances of the business. Ask to see balance sheets, tax returns and profit-and-loss statements. Understand from the franchisor how these numbers stack up against their other franchisees’ numbers in similar markets. Also, make sure you’re able to properly value the company based on that historical data. You may enlist the help of a knowledgeable CPA who can help determine the value of the business.  (more…)

You’re 50. You’re Downsized. Now What?

June 12, 2015

FranNetAt FranNet, we believe franchising makes sense no matter what stage in life you find yourself. As you may have witnessed yourself, the job market no longer provides the long-term security it once offered. Previous generations grew accustomed to a certain career and the length of time they would be in that job — this is now less of a reality than ever before.

One of the things to consider in a life or career transition is that people are living a healthier lifestyle than ever before. This adds to longevity. People are living longer lives today and perhaps a little more willing to make changes in their lives. So with 50 being the new 40, 40 the new 30, and so on, how can you plan for the long-term?

Think about it—if you’re downsized around the age of 50 and expect to live just the national life expectancy, that’s nearly another 30 years of your life you’ll need to account for. Are there companies out there clamoring for a 50-something former corporate person? What will you do with yourself? Many are turning to small business ownership and franchising. And there’s even a term for it. It’s called your “Encore Career.”  (more…)

How To Ensure A Good Fit For You In A Franchise

June 4, 2015

FranNetWhile inquiring about how to ensure a good fit for each candidate might seem obvious, there is a clear cut reason why some franchisees fail to achieve real success in the world of entrepreneurship. As a potential franchisee looking to join up with a successful brand and system, you know that you need to be the right fit for the right opportunity… but how can you ensure it? Today, we’ll explore a few pointers that you’ll want to take to heart.

We never fail to require our clients to do their due diligence. In doing so, we try to advocate careful consideration during our process in matching the right person to the right opportunity. However, while we act as the primary guide on your journey, it is the potential franchisee who must ultimately take responsibility for the choices and decisions which come during the process. Is it possible to over simplify the process? We certainly don’t think so.

The Crossroads of Passion and Opportunity (oh, and Roadblocks)

It may seem obvious that a potential franchisee is advised to get behind a product or service that drives a passion within them. You may love to eat sandwiches, but that may not mean that you’re cut out to dish out cold cuts on a daily basis.  (more…)

Franchising: Franchise Disclosure Documents

April 11, 2013

With over 3,000 choices of franchise concepts in the marketplace today, your options for owning your own business are limitless. But not all franchises are created equally. So, how will you be able to gain the necessary piece of mind that the opportunity you intend to pursue is legitimate?

Say hello to the Franchise Disclosure Document, or FDD for short. Quite simply, it’s a legal document mandated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) designed to assist the potential franchisee through the due diligence process. The FDD offers incredible access and insight into a franchise and its operations. Every legitimate franchise must produce one. If a company doesn’t, remove yourself from discussions as quickly as possible. At its core, the FDD removes any emotion from the process. It’s required to be presented to you and once it’s been produced, spend careful and considerable time reviewing it.

Under FTC guidelines, the FDD must be presented to the potential buyer in the pre-sales process no less than 10-14 days prior to entering a contract or paying any amount of money for a franchise. And as you’ll see, it may be the single most important document you’ll review during the entire procedure. (more…)