Youth Entrepreneurship: The Equation for Success

January 18, 2012

(O + R)∞ + Pr – F + Ac = Ye    

People always ask, “What is youth entrepreneurship? Is it just some kid that starts a business?” During 2012, this column will explore various topics in relation to youth entrepreneurship. It will be analyzed through an equation that applies to all the successful youth entrepreneurs in recent history.

“Youth” is a concept defined by the observer. If someone thinks you are young, then you are youthful to them. This means you could be 9 or 29 – but either way, motivated to start your own business. Therefore, a “youth entrepreneur” is someone that is considered a youth and is an entrepreneur.  

The key to being a successful youth entrepreneur is the equation above, and young entrepreneurs have never been more important to the world. So let’s break it down, and start actualizing this equation today.

The main ingredient that makes the young so perfect for entrepreneurship is optimism. Believing that something is possible must be an element of any entrepreneurial endeavor, or it doesn’t have a chance. The next element is resourcefulness. This involves creativity and not running to get borrow money every time you hit a roadblock.  (more…)