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Driving Quality Counseling with Hybrid Learning: 10 Tips for Gaining Traction from Training

August 22, 2023

By Barbara Nuss, CPA, Profit Soup

Nothing surpasses the warm feeling business trainers and counselors get from witnessing the “lightbulb moments” new skills and knowledge can bring, followed by real positive changes in individuals’ lives and their businesses. With financial resources scarce, and funding for training in decline, how can you leverage your time and reach more clients in a scalable, efficient way? Enter online learning.

Many were forced into the online universe due to the restrictions on in-person interactions. Others had embraced it far earlier. Today many SBDC Centers use online platforms to deliver training and counseling. As a nation, we are not going back anytime soon: more than half of American adults who expect to need more education or training now say they would do it online. Still, we question whether we make the same impact when we lack face-to-face engagement.

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