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How to Find a Business Mentor: 7 Places to Explore

January 17, 2023

Behind every successful business person is a mentor who taught them everything they know. Mentors teach valuable lessons and provide moral support when the going gets tough. But where do you find one? From in-person networking events to casual online chats, here are seven places to explore.

1. Scour LinkedIn for Someone With Your Dream Job

LinkedIn: The quintessential networking tool for professionals in virtually every industry and a great place to start your quest for a mentor. Enter your dream job into the search bar and filter by “people.” From there, you can search by criteria that are important to you, such as geographic location, industry, and even specific companies.

Quick tip: Before pitching someone on LinkedIn to be your mentor, follow them on social media, attend their live streams, interact with their content, ask questions, and do whatever you can to show your interest before asking for any favors.

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