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2018 Client Showcase Countdown #8 – North Carolina SBTDC Client Kepley BioSystems Inc. Creates a Synthetic Bait Poised to Disrupt a $20 Billion Market

February 5, 2018

Kepley BioSystemsMeet Kepley BioSystems, Inc.
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Kepley BioSystems, Inc. (KBI) is a North Carolina life-sciences company dedicated to disruptive innovation and global solutions. Developed with National Science Foundation (NSF) support, OrganoBait™ is the KBI patent-pending, synthetic bait poised to disrupt a $20 billion market and conserve billions of wild baitfish every year. KBI is also seeking to ranch and protect horseshoe crabs to sustainably produce the natural substance vital to ensuring global pharmaceutical, vaccine and medical device safety, and unmatched in detecting endotoxins. (more…)