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America’s #SBDC 2018 Client Showcase Countdown – 12 Days to the Congressional Showcase

ShowcaseAmerica’s Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) are excited to announce that the Client Showcase Reception is back again this year! The following clients will be joining us on Capitol Hill on February 13th:

– Colorado: Alt Ethos
– Florida: Dignitas Technologies
– Iowa: Gross-Wen Technologies, Inc.
– Louisiana: Tadpole LLC
– North Carolina: KBI (Kepley BioSystems, Inc.)
– Ohio: WaterStep
– Pennsylvania: Play Impossible
– Rhode Island: S2S Surgical
– South-West Texas Border Region: Taste Elevated
– Washington: Whooshh
– Wisconsin: MobCraft Beer 

To prepare for our big day we will be doing a countdown to the reception on February 13, 2018. Each day we will share a story on the clients attending the reception, who they are and how they worked with their local SBDCs.

What SBDCs do, their impact and value to aspiring and growing businesses is best told through client success. SBDC clients not only have revolutionary products and services — they are hardworking, dedicated, and a group we couldn’t be prouder of. We only wish we could feature all of the thousands of businesses we help every year.

Did you know? Our nation’s state and regional Small Business Development Center networks provide free one-on-one business consulting to small businesses at nearly 1,000 locations throughout the nation. SBDC clients start a new business every 30 minutes, create a new job every 5.5 minutes, generate $100,000 in new sales every 8.2 minutes, and raise $100,000 in capital every 10 minutes. Job growth for SBDC clients is nearly 10 times greater than job growth for average businesses, and SBDC client sales growth is nearly 4 times greater than sales growth for businesses in general.

Let the countdown begin!


The America’s SBDC 2018 Client Showcase Reception will be at 5 pm on Tuesday, February 13, 2018, in the Rayburn House Office Building Cafeteria.

Invite your Member of Congress now!

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